How to Create an Explainer Video that Will Maximize Your Revenue

explainer video

Explainer videos can increase traffic and maximize sales and revenue at the same time! Here is how to create an explainer video that will maximize your revenues!


Using explainer videos is an effective, interesting, and smart way to promote your business. When it comes to educating or informing your target group about complex products or services, the explainer videos are without a doubt the best method you could use.

According to a research, animated explainer videos can boost conversion rates by 20% and increase traffic by 200%. These numbers prove that using explainer videos is the best thing you could do for your business or brand. A lot of businesses have reported a huge improvement in their ROI, so since these videos have a potential to attract potential customers, here is how to create one:

  • Determine your target audience – Target groups include individuals that are most likely to purchase the products and services you are selling. Identifying target group is the foundation of your marketing strategy. By determining your target audience you will get an idea on how to make a video that will attract their attention and fit their needs. In order to understand and determine your target audience, you need to analyze age, gender, values, ethnic background, problems, lifestyles, and different interests.
  • Keep it easy and simple – The heart and soul of every explainer video is comprehension. What we are trying to say is that you need to show the functioning of your products and services in the simplest way possible. If you complicate things, you will only confuse the viewers.
  • Keep the video informative – If you want to create a perfect explainer video that will boost your revenues, you need to keep the video informative and engaging at the same time. Add a little bit of humor, include interesting videos, and fun characters.
  • Work over your video script – A perfect script is what you need to create an effective and successful video. After all, the script is the foundation on which your video will be built upon. When writing your video script, make sure your video covers all of these points – target audience, quick elevator pitch, a specific problem you are solving, a calm tone, and call to action.

Keep these helpful tips and mind and create explainer videos that will amaze your viewers, increase your business sales, and boost your revenues.

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